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Wednesday Prayer List

  • 3 million people to come to know You as Saviour
  • Revival of the church
  • Healing of families
  • Healing of this nation
  • Blessings and guidance for all pastors, church leaders, and missionaries
  • Salvation, leadership, and wisdom for the president and for all governmental officials who run this country and all other countries
  • Christians being persecuted around the world
  • Ebola and Zika patients around the world
  • Children suffering from all diseases and poverty
  • Innocent civilians in all war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, Myanmar, and Afghanistan
  • For the Rohingya refugees and all refugees
  • For the Beta Israel people group to receive the Gospel and help they need to get out of poverty
  • For Asia Bibi and her family
  • For Andrew Brunson and his family
  • For Meriam Ibrahim and her family
  • For Saeed Abedini and his family  
  • all migrants from the Middle East and Africa to be saved and blessed
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  • The History of Christianity
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  • The Theology of Eternal Damnation
  • The Scripture and the Sense

For her life to serve You in all that she does

Please heal him of gout, high blood pressure, and bad cholesterol

Please bless him with the ministry banner and ministry certificates he needs and provide him with the supplies he needs for the orphans who are in his care

Please completely deliver her daughter, Candelaria, from all violence, panic attacks, and the spirit of suicide; save her soul and protect her from the devil

Please bless and guide Ano Jawhar, the Christian Kurdish government official who was sworn in recently and use him to make significant changes in the Kurdish government for Your glory; protect all persecuted Christians in terrorist-affected areas; bring peace and unity to all war-afflicted countries worldwide

Please bless and provide for the 2019 Womens Conference and bless him with the money he needs to complete the roofing, windows, doors, plaster, ceiling, electrical installation, plumbing, flooring and painting on his house

Please heal Dr. Leonard Y.K completely and fully restore Dickson Kumah's eye sight; deliver Rose spiritually and physically from demonic Jezebel spirits and from destructive thoughts and demons, help her to be grateful for Your blessings, give her peace, and restore her back to her God-given state in Christ Jesus.

Marie Grace
Please remove the spirit of death from her entire family, heal Dean mentally, protect Raewyn as she travels to and from work and guide her footsteps; protect Marie from home invasions and cover her, Dean, and Raewyn with the strongest unbreakable covering of the Blood of Jesus.

please heal her of all pain in her body and heal her of fistulas, cancer, and problems with her abdominal organs

Please heal her completely in every area of life, bless her with a place to stay, a steady income to take care of medical issues, bring her the right person to love her, and bless her with a family of her own; help her to find her wallet and sell all of her furniture

please comfort him after his mother's death; provide him with money for hospital bills

please bless him with Bibles and Christian literature

Please bless him with the money he needs to build a ministry banner

Please bless him with food and clothes for the orphans in his church

Please bless him with the Bibles he needs for the Christian Muslim families, youths, orphans, Christians in refugee centers, prisons, and hospitals so they will not backslide

Please bless Vision Radio Trinity Broadcasting Network and GodTV Christian Media & Arts; for Light and truth to displace darkness in entertainment and media and for Christians in the secular media industry to rise to their God-given purposes

for favor in Jennifer's life and business regarding contracts and successful closure of international resources deals; for finances from the business deals to be used for Your Kingdom

for viewers to respond well to and support the Australian Christian TV Channel; bless him with the right financial partners

please bless his free medical camp in Bangladesh as they serve others

for John to win his legal battle; for the government to do more to protect children from being influenced by gender confusion
that Sarah and Felix would be free to express their Christian beliefs in the workplace; for Felix to win her case
that schools would teach the truth about sex and gender and not be coerced into teaching lies; that the Boy and Girl Scouts would do more to protect children
that more people would speak out in defense of the unborn

Karen and Erin
Please open doors for Christians all over the world to pray for the global entertainment industry

Please strengthen churches in Liberia and bless them with the support they need to carry out thGreat Commission

for the Gospel to have significant effects on professionals and users of social media across the globe; for wider networking and deep penetration of Christian influencers with Christ-centered messages on the internet

Please protect Nepali Christians who are being persecuted; give Suchil wisdom and knowledge in every area of his ministry and responsibilities and bless him with the building he needs to start a church in Kathmandu

Please draw people to repentance through their prayer ministry

for smooth registration and preparation for the TW Summit in October; guide them in making the right decisions regarding the TW 2020 movement

for Roe v Wade to be overturned and for the USA, Australia, and the world to repent and stop legalizing abortions; for parents to find easier access to foster and adoption services; for funding of women’s support services that help women in crisis and/or unplanned pregnancies

Anna Grace
Please continue to bless and provide for GAFCON and help Foley and Ben to lead well

please bless him with the sponsors he needs for his orphanage

Please bless his ministry

Please bless his ministry

Please bless him with the money he needs to build a permanent church building; save the souls of the Muslim landowners and help them to be kind

please bless him with a steady means of income thru his Youtube channel

please protect Gabriel; heal his dad, Anthony, of breathing problems and bless him with a full-time job; heal Clyde's back so he won't have to go to the chiropractor

Please bless him with the Bibles, Christian literature, Sunday school materials, and supplies to help the widows

please bless him with monthly support for orphans, widows, and pastors
for church construction to be completed at Teki village
bless them with a sound system, chairs, carpets, and musical instruments for the new church at Teki village; bless them with tracts, Telugu Bibles, and 50 chairs and 10 benches for Bible class

please bless his 24 days of fasting and prayer

for Your will to be done regarding Miriam and Peter's relationship; help them to love and understand each other in the right way; give Miriam courage, strength, and clarity, help Peter not to be cold and uncaring, give him a godly heart; help Peter to leave another man’s wife alone

bless his finances, guide him in getting debt free, bless his ministry, provide for all of his needs, save and bless his family and friends, and bless his country with a better economy

please save and comfort the family of the pilot whose helicopter crashed into a Manhattan office tower; bless HeraMed as they help soon-to-be mothers; bless the World Medical Mission and Samaritan's Purse medical teams with the training and equipment they need to help others and bless them as they care for the patients

please bless him with Bibles

please bless her with a job with benefits, a successful jewelry business, continuous creativity in her craft, a job at Bright Horizons child care, successful job applications and interviews, money for her doctor's appointments, gas, exercise, biking, and other expenses; for weight loss, better health, more energy, a better memory, and peaceful sleep, more time to attend social events, and a clear sense of Your presence, anointing, and purpose; bless her upcoming job interviews; bless her and Crystal with good-paying jobs

please bless him with a safe and successful surgery without complications, heal his leg and eyes and stop all infections from entering his body; heal Linda's aunt

please bless him with better work, give him confidence and self esteem, help him to be more social, take away any depression and restore hope and salvation in his life; for him to talk with Linda and Debbie more

please heal him of his disability; bless him with a good job and have his benefits to be renewed so he will not have to sell CBD drugs; bless him with money to pay rent so he will not be evicted in July

please bring him back to faith in You and help him in his medicine practice as an advance NP; for him and Linda to talk again

please bless Don and his family and help him to be very effective and helpful in his medical practice; for him to talk with Linda and Debbie

please deliver him from transgenderism and religious wounds from his childhood; help him to accept Christ; heal him from arthritis in his hands, various health issues and disabilities and make him whole

Darren K.
for Darren and Nixon to accept Christ; for healing, friendship, wholeness, and Your blessings on Norah

Please strengthen Brooke and Don’s faith and restore their relationship with You; for Israel, Melinda, Alex, Giles, Shannon, and Lauren accept Christ;

please help her to open her heart and give the necessary energy to her relationships

please redeem him and Amber, bless his farm, cabin building, and wood harvesting; help him to leave pot farming

renew her faith and church attendance; give her emotional and mental healing, a successful yarn business, a job close by, help her not to have any more technical issues in her business and help her to stop lashing out and being angry and frustrated; help her to have a healthy relationship with her parents, sister, brother, and friends; for people to treat her with respect

please help her to have healthy relationships, a good education, more work hours, and fulfill her dream of a bakery/children's shop

please heal her of all health issues/concussion; bless her with money for medical care and Sacred Life Project

Joyce and Jim
please heal Joyce of all pain; for Jim's doctor's visits and surgeries to go well, for him to benefit from occupational and physical therapy; bless them with a healthy relationship

please send angels to protect him; have his soul to prosper and his faith to grow deep in Christ; bless him with stable music gigs, safe travel, godly friends, and help him to stay away from trouble and addiction

Alex and Lili
for them to accept Christ; heal their minds and bodies; bless Lili with a job that will not cause her disability to flare up; for Shawn to get help emotionally and educationally; please heal Lauren, Lili, Daniel, Shannon, and Faith from joint, back, heart issues, and fatigue; help them to reconnect with Linda

please help him to return to You

please help to return to You; heal his mother; bless his nursing job, exercise, relationships, piano lessons and his own music making/music software; help him to make the right decisions regarding his band, be more social, and hang out with Jennifer and Linda more; protect him as he travels and bless him with a good community to be with

please help her to have more motivation and do better in school, help her to not be self-conscious; for her to wear her glasses and get the medical treatment she needs

please help her to forgive her mom and dad and let them see her kids more; help her to forgive Kevin and help the two of them to co-parent effectively; help her to have a prosperous relationship with Matt and do well at nursing and her Airbnb rental jobs

please help her to return to You; heal her voice so she can sing again, heal her from water accident trauma, panic attacks, and anxiety so she can swim again; heal her mentally and physically, help her to have healthy relationships and heal her from unhealthy ones; bless her with safe travels

please restore his faith, heal him from PTSD, and help him to do well as a paramedic

please restore his faith, heal him from PTSD, and help him to do well as a firefighter

Linda's Nieces and Nephews
please save, heal, and bless Lilly, Jack, Gabby, Lincoln, and Alex

Evans-Gongalez Family
please restore the entire Evans-Gongalez family (Kelly, Kyle, Chase and Trey)

please help him to accept Christ

please help her and Jeannine return to You; heal Daylina from a broken relationship and help her not to be alone; give Alyse continued healing and health, help her to do well at her journalist job, and bless her with a clean living situation without bugs

please increase his faith and help him to believe in intercessory prayer and that You will do mighty things; bless his wife, Melissa, and daughter, Zoey; for Max and Linda to reconnect and fellowship together

Jim and Deb
please heal Pastor Jim from an accident and heal Pastor Deb's family; heal Deb, Jim, Jennifer, and Crystal physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and attitude-wise, restore their relationship, help them to stop fighting, and help them to have Christ's compassion for each other's needs

please help her to do well in nursing

please keep him safe as he plays music on a cruise ship for the next four months; bless him with a band and venues to play around Tampa, bless him to make music/ a CD again, and heal him emotionally and relationally

Comfort him and his son after the death of his wife and provide for all of their needs, give him peace and strength to take care of his son; for a God-fearing woman to marry according to Your will

For the salvation of Aadab, Kierra, Kimmy, Sean, John, Mickey, Mari, Dan,Cecile, Debby, Carol, Kevin, Harley, Marsey, Lehna, and her mother and father

please bless him with $700 to buy food, bless him with a good harvest and the right amount of rain

for him to love You above everything and walk in the direction You want him to walk in

please help her to focus more and become better organized; give her a sense of Your presence and faith in You to believe no matter how she feels or what happens

please be with her and bless her

please bless his ministry

Please provide him with money for school fees, food, clothes, medical care, and general needs for the orphans so they can grow spiritually and physically, help them to do great things for You; for his ministry to expand in sharing the Word of God

please bless him and be with him

please comfort and strengthen him and his family after his mother’s death

please bless him with the clothes, food, money for school fees and other personal items he needs to take care of the orphans and help them grow physically and spiritually

Marie Grace
for the sexual rituals and demonic influence in her town to cease; deliver the children, women, and innocent people who are being harmed
please crush the two cult powers and all other wicked powers and principalities in her town
for every wicked, criminal act to be broken completely off of every life held captive by them
for the physical violence and cult holds over the local council and medical and education facilities to cease
for the victims of these attacks to receive better care
break the occult spiritual battle over their lives; deliver Marie, Dean, and Raewyn from the spirit of suicide; guide them in leaving their town and receiving the money, mental and medical help they need

please bless them with the money they need to complete the Bible school classrooms, buy Bibles and build a Kindergarten school;
send rain and food to Africa; turn the hearts of the government leaders to you; for a better economic system
bless them with Christian literature, supplies for orphans and widows, bikes for pastors/evangelists, church planting program, water and medical care, and primary and secondary education supplies

for her to have a better relationship with You, a better understanding of the Bible, and to find Your purpose for her life
open doors for her to attend nursing school and bless and take care of her family

please heal her of cancer and bladder and kidney issues; bless her with a beautiful marriage and a happy, secure life; for her paintings and writings to help support her family
please free Josh of drug addiction, anger, and being mean
please bless David and Lissa and help them to love You

Please bless her and be with her

please restore her relationship with her two sons in unity and love

please bless him with all the Bibles he needs; strengthen the new Christians there and help them not to backslide

for 14 year old Michael Milard to be found and returned to his family

Please heal Mary of internal bleeding and bring Cindy's brother out of the coma he is in and heal him of bleeding in his brain

please bless her daughter with a successful surgery

please forgive him of all of his sins, bless him with a long and prosperous life, give him wisdom, bless his family, and provide him with the money that he needs and the right woman to marry before the end of the year

please bless Itibo Fellowship Church Center with a website, bless him with the supplies he needs to take care of the orphans and help them grow physically and spiritually

for him to accept You as his Lord and Savior and have a right relationship with You

Please help his mother, Carroll, to make full recovery after having an ulcer removed; bless her therapy

Please heal his mother of a strange disease and bless her with the right medical care

Joe Finney
 Please deliver him from depression and suicidal thoughts

Please comfort him and Deborah’s family after her death and give them peace

bless Israel’s elections in September; for Israel and for all of her enemies to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and love each other
for Christians in Nepal, their protection and their perseverance
for Syrian refugees and for a solution to the refugee situation
bless AMG’s work for both local and refugees in Greece
bless the MAF and relief efforts for the people in Mozambique
for a radical change in deep-seated prejudices and biases against Christianity
for wise leadership to peacefully navigate tensions between nationalists, radical Islamists, and Kurds
for the Gospel to advance in power amid increased hostilities and persecution
heal a 5-year-old boy of cancer

Please heal her mother and bless her with a long life filled with grace and blessings

Please bless Richard’s hip replacement and give his family and the medical staff peace and wisdom regarding his care in and out of the hospital

Please bless him with Bibles for his crusade next month

Please heal him of depression

Please bless him with over 150 Bibles and Christian books so the new Christians can grow in You

Please deliver her from debt and financial trouble and bless her with all the m

Please bless his ministry in India

Please heal her

Please touch the hearts of the people in her management company not to reduce her salary; heal her sister of Alzheimer’s

Please heal him of trauma experienced in his childhood and spiritual blockage in his heart, soul and mind

Please bless him with a good job

Please bless him with money and materials to build the Sewing Center and Education Center

For money to buy Bibles for his crusade next month

please bless him with $6,000 to buy a piece of land and build a church building
for the other church beside them not to take their church members

Please go before them and prepare the way for souls to be saved through the 2019 missions crusades and outreaches, 7 days of prayer and fasting, 14 day crusade and Passover- Dec. 31st; have forgiveness to reign in the hearts of Your people; for a generator and microphones; go before the newly saved schoolchildren and protect them from harm, touch the hearts of their parents to accept Jesus Christ and love and care for their children

Please completely heal Francis and Dora
Comfort Siser Belvin's family after her death
Bless Nang'eni church with a new roof before it rains and bless Namalenge Church with the roofing, wall plaster, and flooring to finish construction
For resources to buy a piece of land and to finish building the Bible Class rooms and church in Kobos; help his community overcome famine; for Your moving and for revival around the world

Please bless him with a closed venue with seats
To start a sponsorship program and a medical center in Southwestern Uganda
Start housing facilities, farming, and reach many new places with the Gospel
For funding to register his church

for urdu Bibles and more food packages

Please heal Benny and have him to receive medical care and financial help
for the Supreme Court to rule in favor of Boyertown Student Privacy Case and the Down Syndrome Protection Act

please bless her with a place to stay and a financial breakthrough to take care of medical issues
for her to find her wallet and sell her furniture
bring her the right man to marry and have a family of her own

for Brother Francis' tremors and swollen legs to be healed
for Sister Dora's pain in her knee to be healed and for her to get the treatment she needs
for replacement parts and new tires for their Toyota Prado

for Merriann and Rick to make the right decisions regarding Rick's health and medical issues

for him to have faith that You will answer his prayers

Marie Grace
that the plans of Satan against her family's lives would be destroyed
for all witchcraft, occultic attacks, cults, and drug use in their town to be stopped
that the authorities would intervene and that Richard leave Ann’s house and return to his own home
that You would bless them financially and for Dean to be strengthened and comforted after his friends' deaths

please provide him and his wife with a car, two computers, and two phones
bless their upcoming trip to Kansas City

For his mother to walk and talk again

please bless his international fundraiser to raise $50,000 to buy land and build Camp David Green Academy in Kenya successfully

please bless Robyn and her daughter, Melissa and her son, Gavin with a closer relationship

please completely restore Dickson's vision

please answer her prayers and bless her with a great job in her field

for Jesus Christ to come back soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return and for all people in the world to get saved

please bless her with the money she needs to pay school fees and thrive

for the Muslim school principal to get saved, bless them with the construction they need to build Bible school class rooms and complete the roof on the church building; for the church building to be a witness of Your work in Africa; supply them with all they need to build a church in Sioya;

please heal him of high blood pressure and help him to be obedient to You and serve You with a whole heart; for his church family to come together in love and unity and show the love of Jesus in their homes, communities, and to every creature

please be with him and bless him

please bless the bilingual church planting in Vilcabamba Ecuador and help them overcome all challenges

please save and comfort Visal Rahul after his father’s death and deliver him from drinking

please fulfill of all their ministry needs; bless her with money to pay your son's MBBS fees; bless Hebron Aman Memorial school with more students and new room construction; bless her family and staff and with more eproject work and good infrastructure

cover her in the Blood of Jesus, send angels to comfort her, bless her with a financial breakthrough to pay rent and utilities
for Adam to trust Christ as his Saviour and help her financially without complaining and respect her and her children
touch his heart with peace, harmony, salvation, obedience, wisdom, healing, strength, forgiveness, respect, joy, and happiness and fill Laura's life with victory, provision, favor, protection, and miracles

please free Lukas from demonic oppression and black magic; cover him in the Blood of Jesus and save his soul

please bless him with the money he needs to pay school and medical fees, rent, electricity and water bills, and food

please bless her job

please provide him with the money, food, shelter, clothes, and gifts

please bless their ministry in Pakistan

please bless him with Bibles for the new Christians

please save her; deliver her from lukewarmness and double mindedness; help her to be a bold witness for you, be more prayerful, resist temptation, and forgive people who wrong her

please save her husband

please bless him with the support he needs for his childrens ministry

please bless him, his family, and ministry in the new year

please give her a financial blessing and fixed income to pay rent, heat and light bills; cover her and her family in the Blood of Jesus; heal her of her disability

Daniel Zen
please give him full hearing in both of his ears; bless him with the money he needs for his Doctorate program and financial aid; for P. Buchanan to be a blessing and do Your will

please bless him with the Bibles he needs to reach the lost souls in schools, prisons, the streets, hospitals, and in door to door evangelism; bless them with great ministry in 2019

please bless Barbara with a quick recovery after a heart attack; for all first responders all over the world to be encouraged Biblically; heal Kylie of an stiff person syndrome; heal Joy of lung cancer and heal Joe of Alzheimers and stomach problems; save and direct Brazil’s President; for him to continue to stand with Israel; for the Gospel to replace all false ideologies, violence, corruption, and economic recession

please bless his family and ministry to reach more people for Christ in Pakistan and continue helping the poor and needy in 2019

please deliver her from the destructive jezebel spirit; forgive her of her sins; give her peace, joy, godliness, and righteous thoughts, restore, transform, and fill her with the Holy Spirit; bless her children and grandchildren

please provide him with Bibles, tracts, and Christian literature

please continue to use him to witness and show love to the children of Uganda; provide him with the money he needs to complete church registration, with more teachers and the training and identification cards they need to work more effectively, a sponsorship program, lesson manuals, and chairs; bless him with a ministry partnership

please take away all spiritual evils that are against her son; for favorable custody of her children; for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing

please protect and completely heal his children, Kayden and Kamryn-Lee, of nasal and chest congestion

please bless Gospel Mission for India with all of the supplies and resources they need

please provide him with the sponsorship and Christmas supplies he needs

please provide him with the Urdu Bibles, food packages, and sewing machines they need

please resolve a court case he is in; bless his finances

please bless his newborn son and replace all that Al and Sue lost in a house fire; bless them with enough money to build a 3-room Bible school

please provide him with the Bibles he needs

Please provide him with toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, water purifier, books, food, clothes, toys, activities, first aid kits, and educational materials

Please help him to glorify You in school, work, relationships, and in every aspect of his life, help him walk closely with You, have all of his life experiences will draw him closer to You

Please bless Gospel Mission For India and provide them with sponsors for the different branches of their ministry; send Your Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people who will attend the crusades to receive Christ and help the believers to grow in their understanding of the Word and love for You

please bless his family and ministry with favor and good health

please provide him with urdu Bibles, sewing machines, and food packages for the orphans, widows, and poor people

please miraculously heal Dickson’s eyes and restore his sight; bless his eye surgery on December 5th

please provide him with the Bibles that he needs

please provide him with Bibles and books, and send him pastors, ministers, Bible class teachers, and evangelism partners to assist him

please bless their independent and indigenous church planting faith ministries in India - Orissa Missionary Movement in Odisha State; please help their pastors and missionaries and have their ministry needs to be met

please provide him with money, gifts, food, and clothes to give the poor children a good Christmas and holiday season

Sarfraz Daimi
please bless and provide for him and his ministry work in Pakistan

please bless her and her husband with permanent jobs and good finances

please provide him with 225 Bibles for the converts

please heal her of stomach problems, provide her with money to spread the Gospel, give her understanding and a hunger for the Bible and a mind to continue to know You, save all of her family members

please provide him with Bibles

please provide him with the money, food, clothes, shelter, maintenance, gifts and programs he needs for his orphanage
please heal her and her husband

please give him the victory in a wrongful court case regarding his school

please bless him in his new job

please heal his mom’s leg from cellulitis and for the swelling to go down, help her to be encouraged to eat

please deliver her from work, home and financial problems

please heal her and her family and take the mold out of their house and bless them with a new, clean home

Please provide him with the Bibles he needs

Daniel Zen
please help him to have a good seminar; empower him to be a good testimony for You

please provide her with the funds needed to pay off her high school’s land debt

please bring his vision to pass of 3,000 planted churches by 2030, bless the 66 house churches and help them expand Wave of Mercy Ministries to the people of West Bengal and Bangladesh; bless his team and leaders and pastors working there; have all of India to turn to you

for her son, Rocky, to be healed from all mental illness and to be delivered from homelessness; please provide him with capable and genuinely caring advocates who will take care of his needs; please bless, strengthen, and fortify him and walk with him through these difficult times in his life; specifically have his court hearing this week to go well

please bless her church in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, which is multiplying, with a plot for worship

for the swift healing of his mother's legs from cellulitis and of her entire body and bless her with the warmth she needs, that she will be encouraged enough to eat regularly

Marie Grace
for herself and Dean to be delivered from severe life threatening attacks that have come from her extended family line this year

May Samuel
healing for Elvira, Earl, May, Larry, April, Charon, Liza and Josiah

please bless them with Bibles

for the miraculous escape/release of 15-year-old Leah Shaibu and other captives being held hostage by Boko Haram;
for the restoration of their family and the freedom of their five youngest children from UK Social Services

please bless him with food, accommodation, and all other resources needed to hold their pastors conference

please bless her and her husband's work and ministry and bless them with all the work and money they need to thrive and pay for their son Arpit's BBS medical education; please bless her brother, sister, widowed mother, and entire family and anoint them all with the power of the Holy Spirit

please save and comfort all 123 children rescued recently in a sex sting operation;
for the salvation and comfort of all of the people who have lost loved ones and homes because of Hurricane Michael, please help them to rebuild quickly

please bestow upon him grace and the power of Your Holy Spirit to fight against false doctrine;
please save all of the victims of false doctrine

please have her job contract to be renewed so she can continue to support her family and deliver her from a polygamous marriage

surround her son, Rocky in Your grace and protection, keep him from harm and heal him of mental illness; guide him to find his wallet and paperwork and bless him with a house that meets his needs and a caseworker who will handle his case efficiently

please help her go back to her church and give her a financial breakthrough

please bless Remnant Assemblies of Christ Ministry programs and bless him with the Bibles he needs to witness to the people of Uganda and help them grow in You and with chairs, mats, and proper shelter to aid in delivering the Gospel, and with a  scholarship and finances to start a child sponsorship program, publish books, and train leaders for ministry; for the children and people suffering in Uganda to accept Christ and receive the love and care they need

please provide the resources and money he needs to build a 3-classroom building for Diploma Bible School Training, expand the Orphanage program, and buy instruments for the Evangelistic team and open air crusades, provide Timothy with $7500 dollars to get surgery and have it to be successful; bless their prayer team

please bless the Gospel work in Rwanda and Burundi and bless him with all of the resources he needs to continue to preach the Gospel

please provide him with the money and medicine he needs to treat his daughter’s asthma as well as stronger sound equipment to hold crusades, a debt-free church building, school building, house and car for his family and a proper education for his children and the orphans in his care; turn all of Africa to Jesus Christ

please bless him with the sponsors, donations, and partnerships he needs

please bless his family and ministry and help all Christians to be obedient and preach the Gospel; provide all of their needs to build up Revelation Television in Pakistan and pay the monthly satellite bill to reach billions of people all over the world and expand their widows support program, Orphans support program, Outreach Ministry, Free Bibles Distribution program, Sewing School, Church Planting, Revelation Bible College, Christian Computer College,to arrange large evangelistic crusades, and build a roof and second floor in their church; protect and strengthen all persecuted Christians; help all of Pakistan to turn to You

bless her family and church family and help them to serve You with whole hearts

please comfort her coworker and heal his daughter, Jinga, completely, help her adjust well to the rehabilitation home; deliver Sabrina from people who are trying to hinder her new job position; save all of her family, friends, and coworkers

please deliver her niece, Christine, from problems at school
bless her brother, Crispino, with quick recovery from a stroke
bless her stepmother with good health always
turn the hearts of all lost people to You and turn the heart of Philippines’ president to You and help him to work for the good of all Filipinos

David Hur
please give him a good house and full time ministry in Orange County, CA if that is Your will

please continue to bless GMFI bless the Village Crusades, Pastor’s Conference, and Medical mission; have the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people who will attend to receive Christ and help the believers to grow in their understanding of the Word and love for Him, bless the Global pastors crusade next year and provide him with the money and resources he needs to continue supporting orphans and widows, building wells and planting/building churches, to buy Bibles, and to build the home for the blind, deaf, and dumb children; bless the ministry with sponsors for the children's ministry, for pastors/evangelists, church construction, educational programs, evangelistic outreaches, medical programs, TV/Radio/Film media ministries, for purchasing bicycles/motorcycles for pastors, for Leper patients at the Leprosy Center, and for the Bible college students, and relief & disaster-aid programs; have all of India to turn to Christ

Please bless Evangelical Outreach Mission and provide him with Bibles to witness to the lost and help the Christians grow in the You, provide him with the money and resources he needs to build an orphanage with full utilities for the orphans such as clothes, shoes, toys, medical supplies, food, water, heat/air conditioning and educational materials as well as buy Matthew Henry Study Bibles and Strong’s Exhaustive Bibles/Concordances; for all of the people in Oza village and for all of Africa to turn to Christ for Salvation

please help her fight against false doctrine

cover him and his family in the Blood of Jesus Christ; heal them spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally and bless them with great lives

Please have more Christian people with high values to enter the school system to be good examples and encouragements to the children and young people

Marie Grace
Please bind every work of Richard and the Catholic church against her and her son of putting drugs in their bodies and life threatening illness; bind all witchcraft and sexual bondage from the cults against her and her family; protect them and deliver them from evil people

Please bless their orphanage in India with money to build a bigger building; provide the orphans with Bibles, education, medical help, clothes, food and water; help the orphans to grow in You

please bless him with the Bibles and Gospel literature he needs to witness

please bless Orissa missionary movement and church planting ministries; bless the missionaries with the resources they need to witness; turn all of India to you

please provide  him with resources and money to take care of the orphan children, pastors, evangelists, missionaries, seminary students, and church construction; keep his family and ministry strong through trying times

please save her children and bless her work and finances

Rev. Opoku-Asamoa in Liberia
please bring him the right people to help teach and train the ministers there to grow in the Lord, bless and prosper their families and ministry, Inter-African Christian Missions; turn all of Liberia to faith in You

please provide him with the Bibles they need for the lost souls, new believers, and children, food for the disabled children, sewing machines and tables for the widows and orphan girls, computers for the orphans boys and girls to use to serve God and money for village mission trips and to pay the church rent

please bless her with a new and better job, save her supervisor

please help him to obey You always and abide in You; have mercy on him and forgive him of all his sins and give him everlasting peace; deliver him from witchcraft and generational curses

please help him pass his bachelor science exam and all other classes well

please heal his mother completely and permanently of stroke side effects, bless him with a job and a camera

Please turn her husband’s heart to You; provide him with a permanent job and money

please give his family a house and car and a good education for his children; bless the ministry with Bibles, tracts, wireless microphones, speakers, transportation

please provide her with all the money she needs to pay rent and bills; give her peace and joy and bless her with a debt-free home; help her husband to turn to Christ, stop looking at pornography and being abusive

please heal her and her family spiritually and physically and bring them through hard times

please provide Gideon with the operation he needs; protect the students as they attend school; bless the prayer and fasting meetings and church construction; provide them with the sound system they need; protect Robert while he is in the U.S. missioning and protect his family and church in Africa

please provide for them and replace all that they lost; stop the flood waters and give Eric, his family, and church strength to continue their crusade next week; provide the money he needs to buy his daughter’s medical device and construction material

deliver him from porn and sin and provide him with a house and money

please provide him with the money and resources he needs to open and maintain the orphanage and seminary, support the students, teachers, and orphans

please provide them with construction materials; bless Naivasha church with money to buy a piece of land to build a church building; for the expanding of an old church building so it can hold more Bible students according to Your will; strengthen and equip Pastor David Odong and the churches in Uganda and South Sudan with ministry resources; strengthen Pastor Leonard and the church in Bumala; help the GBF churches to rebuild after the floods and replace all that is lost

please direct and protect her, her fiance, and her son

please provide them with the money they need to witness in India

Please be with her and guide her

please provide him with the money he needs for his daughters medical needs; bring him good people who will help him; bless their crusades and soul-winning efforts and provide them with Bibles, tracts, food, clean water, shelter, and transportation

Samuel T.
Please be with him and help him to grow in You

please bless them with a PA system and a projector and generator, bless the evangelism outreach, church planting ministry, discipleship and leadership training and crusades

Your protection and provision over the people suffering in Kenya and Somalia because of floods, bless the ministry and evangelism outreach, Bible school, and church construction with Bibles and literature for new Christians and students

for faith, health, peace, prosperity, love, protection for her family and protection from the devil

Please bless him with the Bibles and other literature he needs to grow

Pastor Dobson
for Your blessings to be on their revival this month; and for the provision of Bibles for their ministry

please save his girlfriend and give them a healthy relationship, lead them to get married if that is Your will

Please protect her and her children and deliver them from demonic attacks against them permanently

please bless his life, family, church, and ministry

please save and be with Teresa; heal Merriann of lymph nodes and MRSA infection; be with Lana

for Your Hand of protection over her and Dean  and over every area of their lives

please provide him the money he needs to buy medicine for his mother and pay hospital bills

please give her a new job and have the people from her former job to pay her the money she is owed

please provide them with sound equipment, empower him to spread the Gospel quickly in East Africa
For finances towards the growing needs for establishment of the Gospel Structures for sustenance and outreach; for the money to pay off all debts from previous conferences, bless the students as they attend school, provide better structures for Bible school programs, bless their orphanage and foster homes and enable them to continue to help more orphans, widows, and victims of HIV/Aids; please show him Your will regarding taking a trip in August

please bless their soul-winning campaign and provide them with the Bibles they need

please bless her and her family spiritually and financially and give her the right job where menopause will not interfere; heal her from menopause.

please encourage her husband, open up doors for their family business and meet all their business needs and give them favor with people

please heal him from hyperthyroidism

please end the drought in parts of Israel; for Israel's peace

please save his friends and provide him with Bibles, tracts, food, clean water, shelter, and transportation, accommodation for ministers, printing materials, sound equipment, provision to reach the lost, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit to bring many to You; provide him and his family with a stable place to live and enough money to pay for it, bring someone to him to advise him in the ministry work

please heal her

please save him and draw him closer to You, for Your grace and favor in his life

please bless him with the Bibles and resources he needs to further the Gospel in Africa

please save and comfort all women suffering from miscarriages

please be with her family after her grandson died; protect her son and daughter

please give her assurance of her Salvation

please bless her and her son with the medical tests, the eyeglasses, and dental care they need; bless her son with a good job so he can get back on his feet

please heal him of eye inflammation

please bless their school, Camp David Green Academy, to grow and become an international Christian school and one of the top centres of academic excellence in Kenya

please bless his Children's Fund ministry

please bless the ministry, Spiritual Life Church Ministry, and meet all of their financial and other needs

please bless them with money to pay medical bills and get the medication they need, save the Catholic people who are attacking them; bless them with sound equipment

please save her and be with her

please save the hearts of Danielle and her family and friends, supply all their needs, deliver them from evil and protect them

give her job security, keep her safe and give her peace at the workplace, for her Muslim co-workers not to bother her and to be saved

please bless them with Bibles, Gospel tracts, and Christian literature for the lost souls and new Christians, food, water, clothes, and medical care for the disabled children, sewing machines, sewing tables, and daily provision for the widows and orphan girls and their families, and an abundance of money to help them continue to reach lost souls for You

please heal him from depression, fovea, and paralysis attacks, bless him with all the right medicines he needs and a good job

Marie Grace
please remove all penalty costs thru the social advance system off her account, help her to be able pay back the rest of what she is being charged; bless her financially and deliver her from poverty, heal her of severe bone pain

for her husband who has been in jail for 27 years for a crime he did not commit, have justice to be done regarding his case; Salvation and protection for her family and friends

please deliver him from alcoholism, provide money for them to pay bills and bring them to a good church home; save his family and friends and bless them with the money they need to pay their bills

please save and bless his family and give them wisdom, help them to live in Your will and fulfil Your plan for their lives; provide them with a financial breakthrough to meet all obligations including rent, food and utilities

please guide and protect her son, Junior, from any harm and make him a better person, make him to understand his schoolwork and be smart and humble toward everyone; give her husband strength to face challenges at work, touch the hearts of Janice and Susan to treat everyone fairly and not terminate them; have Tiffany to be offered a better position at work if that is Your will

please save her sons, her grandchildren, the kids in your Bible club, and their families; fight all her battles for her and protect her family; help, comfort, and strengthen all persecuted Christians around the world, and bring peace to Jerusalem; bless her finances and transportation and provide a solution to the Lysol problem in the kids room

please save his soul and take away all tears, feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety from him, help him feel Your Presence and Love; turn the heart of his friend towards You to be saved and not get caught up in the world, restore their friendship; help him use his gifts to glorify You, bless him with a job, a promotion and enough money to live

please bless his ministry

Bushebi in Africa
Please open up new ways for their school in constructing better buildings and programs for learning and administration

please bring his family Salvation, restoration, finances, legal proceedings, ministry, liberation from inequity, and health

please bless her and her family with a nice place to stay before they get evicted

please heal him of dry eye and heal his mother of cellulitis, bed sores, back pain; save his mother and all their family and friends

please deliver her from destructive and demonic forces and entities and restore her to good health; for her sons, granddaughter, daughters in law, entire family, friends, and loved ones to turn to You and be saved, divinely bless them, and bring world peace.

please save his soul and give him the job You want him to have

please bless his ministry in Pakistan and use it to win many souls to You

please bless and prosper his church and orphanage in India and bless him with the means to conduct a Pastors and Leaders Conference and Gospel Crusades.

please help her to study well, get good grades and a great education, and make her healthy and prosperous; please save and protect all children, strengthen all preachers and ministries to do Your will

please keep her out of jail and have the people working her case to be fair; save and comfort her loved ones

please bless the 85 pastors who are helping with the church planting ministry, bless the social work for the needy children, and bless them with people who will sponsor and partner with them

please save her family and heal her daughter, Diana, mentally and give her true joy

please save and heal her family and break all ancestral curses

Claudio Gomez
please save all his family and friends and heal them of all illnesses they have and bring about family restoration; provide him with the buses and finances he needs to build a church; bless all his family and friend’s finances and settle all their court cases, deliver them from demon possession, demonic soul ties, witchcraft, and sorcery

please heal her of cancer, having heart attacks, and paralysis, rebuke the demonic forces from her life and help her to cry out to You; save her mother, Lenuta, and heal her of cancer; save her neighbor, Jasmin, and deliver her from dealing in witchcraft

please keep their private school open and help her to be able to pay all the debts, save all the Hindu students

bless his ministry

please provide his church with free Bibles and Christian books for their school and church activities

Please use him to bring other people to You and enough money to build church buildings

Please save her and guide her and help her to grow in you

please provide them with 300 Bibles to replace the ones that were destroyed by the rain, please bless them with a stronger church building and increase their faith in You

please bless and prosper Orissa Missionary Movement and indigenous church planting ministries

Please have the violence in the hospitals, clinics, and medical schools to cease; keep the nurses strong

please heal him of mental illness and having bad thoughts

please save her soul, help her to forsake all evil and sin and repent permanently and live her life for Your glory; help her to listen to You, trust in You, and get things right with her parents

please help her to work with people easily, for her family not to be dysfunctional, please give her a best friend and help her to focus on school

Eric Geoffrey Okello
please calm every storm that rises up against them, take out the worldly spirit from Your children and free them in Your Blood, open the eyes of their hearts, souls and mind to see You; please bless their crusades and lead everyone to repentance

please strengthen her mind and heart, give her wisdom and insight and give her energy for the tasks set before her; unite Your people to fulfill Your eternal plans through Jesus Christ

please save her friend, Goyo Knapp, and heal him of seizures and all other pains in his body

please have her boyfriend to come to know You as Saviour and have Your will to be done regarding their relationship

please provide them a church building and bless their crusades and prayer meetings, please save many souls, bless his family and ministry; provide him and his family with a stable place to live and enough money to pay for it, bring someone to him to advise him in the ministry work

please help them to fulfill the Great Commission by bringing Your Word to the remaining people groups without Scripture translated into their language

Please bless her with good communication and help her and her friend to trust each other; please save her friend’s soul

Laura in Worcester
Please bless her as a single mother: Provide her with a nice apartment, enough money for her family, school supplies, clothes, and shoes for her kids

Please have Jorel, Gabriel and Joy to come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour; fill them with Holy Ghost power

Marie D.
Please help her to continue to trust in You and lean on You

please bless the Orissa missionary movement and independent and indigenous ministries

Pastor Bushebi
please provide with Bibles, Christian literature for soul-winning, a library, support for orphans and widows, bikes and better transportation for pastors, a Bible school building program, a building for their evangelistic meeting, and poverty eradication program

please protect her from going to jail again and save her fiance and have them to get married if that is Your will

please heal her body and provide her enough money to pay her rent and have good medical treatment; please have Anna to refund the money she took from her and have her not to lie on Adriana any more and have Anna to come to know You as Saviour

Marie Grace
please bless them with the money to be able to move out of their district if that is Your will, heal her and her son, Dean, of stress; provide them enough money to pay off all their loans, give them faith in You, wisdom, direction, revelation, knowledge

Rev. Barry
please have the problems on his wife, Jean's, side of the family to be exposed and resolved
provide them a place to live; help Jean to make the right decisions; heal Barry from his disability and provide them enough money
protect his wife and daughter from sexual assault and heal them from what they have suffered; save his family and keep them together; deliver them from all wicked people and family members who harm them

please protect his wife and baby and keep them healthy
make their child to be God-fearing, wise, and live long
enable him to perform some temporary work for his job and find favor in the sight of his superiors, make good career progression and a good salary, give him peace at work and protect him from enemies.

please help her to repent of all her sins and bless her with a child

please bless his wife, Eleanor, give her spiritual and emotional healing; help her to open her heart and fully surrender her life to You, obey Your commandments, and live in Your ways; break all generational curses and ungodly soul ties in her life

Umesh in India
please bless his ministry, Orissa Missionary Movement, indigenous church planting ministries with
social work, and encourage the gospel workers there

please improve, bless, and lead her relationship with Dejan J., and strengthen their love; lead and protect their future and communication, give them wisdom in their behaviour toward each other, protect them from any attacks the devil may has planned against them,and make them a strong Christian couple and get married soon

please be with all Your Christians who are being persecuted by the outside world, who are not denying their faith; for peace in the world and love among all men; increase and renew our faith everyday

please be with her and save her and her loved ones; protect her from harm

Marie Grace
please give the authorities who are investigating serious criminal network in her town insight and discernment, please give them the resources they need to help the women and children who are caught up in it, please bring support for her and her son who is also caught up in these events; give them protection and security and save all the people involved

Leo in Malaysia
please bless him with a clear visa, registration, and permit to visit his family in Bangladesh

Rev. Justice Hayford Abaidooh-Aggrey
for strength, power, wisdom, and grace for Your work, have more souls to be won for your Kingdom, please bless him with a car for his ministry

Please give them financial blessings and good health and save them

please help her to do well in all her exams and work

please work things out in his favor, give him a complete turnaround; bless him with health, wealth, well-being, a great career, and healthy relationships

please get her out of the bad relationship she is in and break all soul ties she has to it

Please bless her with a great place to stay, bless her with good health and save her soul

please bless him with the job You want him to have

please be with her

please improve, develop, and deepen the relationship between her and Dejan; make them a strong Christian couple and get married soon

please give him the job You want him to have

please show him the meanings of the visions he is having

please provide him and his church with all the Bibles they need for new converts

bless her with a child according to Your perfect time and will

please provide her and her family with all they need to make progress, as well as the right people to give them help and support

please bless her husband to face all challenges in his work and give him peace of mind, courage, and a God-fearing attitude; please bless her son and her mother to have healthy lives

please bless his mother with success, guidance, and protection in her small business

help him to please You by working in the field You want him to work in

please have no weapon formed against her to prosper and for every tongue that rises against her to be convicted

please bless the Christian motion picture he wants to make, have it to witness to many people and block the haters who are speaking against him

Victor in Indonesia
please save his girlfriend, Sarmi Binti Sarkim Marsim and her father and siblings; give her strength to forgive them

please deliver him from all personal problems and have him to receive the money due him

please help him to get away from God-hating people and make them cease from demonic activity; please save their souls

please bless the children she helps with sponsors

please heal her of severe bone pain, strengthen her immune system, and cleanse her entire body from any chemical that might be in her surroundings, please strengthen Dean's immune system and cleanse him of any chemicals; lead their footsteps in the way of expensive medical tests, dental work, and glasses

help them to continue winning souls and following Your instruction; please bless them with Bibles in their language, sound equipment, and microphones, please cover and protect them and bless them with a church building

please give him divine guidance, heal of all his health issues, and bless his finances; give him the right lady to marry

please give him spiritual health and bless his job in the Administration Wing so he can continue to preach the Gospel

Coral in India
please bless them with a good reply from the Canadian High Commission, New Delhi and approve their application so they can move from India to Canada

Jyothi in India
please heal her of her tumor without having to get an operation and protect her child
please give her and her child complete healing and good health

Jtm in Abu Dhabi
please have the company he works for to pay him his salary, give him working speed and good courage, help him to get a job from their client through his company, please bless his wife with the job You want her to have; please save his wife, his bosses, and his coworkers

please provide them with enough money so a boy in his church will be able to walk again

please bless him to do well in school and bless his graduation this year

please strengthen and guide her in her prayer life
bless her financially

please bless and protect them, please provide them with education and enough money and give them the right house; please save them and help them to act right

please give him courage to share his faith and please bless his book

please give her grace, mercy, peace, clarity, have Your Living Water and Holy Spirit to flood her soul, please take control of every situation that may trouble and her family, grant them supernatural favor and blessings from people in their lives

Roshaine in Jamaica
help her to pass all her exams and keep her from failure, help her to be successful academically

Ina in Albania
please give her faith, confidence, peace, and joy in you; deliver her from depression and being bullied because of her freckles, help her not to hate herself

please fill her and anoint her to do everything by Your Holy Spirit and use her to do Your work

please reunite and save her family

please bless his community and help them stand in Your Truth

please save his wife, Samari, his children Krish and Joy, and his sister and brother

please give Jordan, Eleanor, Kyle, Kylen & Kayden emotional and spiritual protection from negative people especially his mother-in-law, Francine, and sister-in-law, Hillary; keep them from starting up trouble and disrupting his family, please save them both

please help her brother to stop drinking and help her not to be depressed; please help them to get answers as to why their father was killed

for Your divine intervention, protection, supernatural favor, and blessings for her family,
for joy, happiness, clarity, and wisdom for her daughters and grandchildren's schooling and jobs
please bless her grandson's school exams

please help her to get a full time Alma Mater this year if it Your will, please save her daughter and her nieces and heal her aunt, mother, and husband

please bless his ministry with the right sound equipment, provide them with the resources to win souls, bless them with Bibles and an abundance of money to build a church building

Edmund in Poland
please save his bosses
stir up the hearts of my family for ministry
for repentance and cleansing of the church
help them and teach them to build a wall of prayer around the USA, Canada and Poland
freedom from dead religion to saving faith in God through Jesus Christ by grace
please order his work and give him wisdom in his work

please deliver her from all the demonic forces that paralyze her and save her neighbour and mother

Onoja in Benue
please deliver him from the power of perverted thoughts and actions

please save his wife, help her not to be angry and help her not to believe everything people say about Gary, help her to stop wishing he was dead, help her to stop cursing and beating him up, please heal Gary of his disability, chronic pain and memory loss

please have Nick C. to come to know You as his Saviour, please improve his hopeless situation and touch his heart

please bless him with a pastoral opportunity

please save him and his family, deliver them from violence and confusion, please heal them from psychologically sickness, help him to leave things of the world behind, help him to be able to live a normal life and get married; be with his mother and father, protect them from the devil and the world and hear his prayers; bring them into Your Presence

Mohammad in Iran
please bestow health and happiness to all mankind

please bless all their lives and bless them while they fast, be with her, her son, her husband, and her mother, Bronica and her children; bless them with the funds they need

please help her and her sister to pass her examination

heal her sister who is under depression treatment and save her

please give her a Godly husband

please help him to become a good Christian and a preacher if that is Your will

Ighemuno in Nigeria
Help her to come to know You as Saviour

please take them out of the homeless shelter they are in and give them a good house they can afford and enough money, please give her a job so she can take care of her children, help her to receive her income tax refund

please heal her of the tumors in her abdominal cavity.

Seema in India
please prepare him for a government job and clear his mind

Christopher in India
please bless and provide for him, the orphans, his family, and church members; turn all the people in India from idol worship toward You; please provide the orphans with clothes, enough food, schooling, educational material, and money for medical bills; protect them from cyclones, floods, and fires and provide them with sponsors; have millions to be saved through their seminars, crusades and conventions, help them to spread The Gospel efficiently

Rose in New York
please heal her pastor and heal her of panic attacks and fear and give her peace of mind, joy, gratitude, faith, and hope, restore and transform her to what You want her to be

please provide money for the artificial leg that he needs

please grant him favor and wisdom, heal his wife of HIV/AIDS, and help him and his family to glorify You

for deliverance and healing of the pains she is going through, save her mother, Lenuta, and her neighbour, Jasmin and help Jasmin to stop hating her

for her younger brother and his family and heal his two children of sorrow; be with her widow mother and heal her of sorrow; for their job, their house, and The Holy Ghost anointing on their lives; for their ministry and school and please have their compassion NGO for children to be reopened and bless them with the finances they need

Daisy in Puerto Rico
Healing of terminal cancer stage 4 metastasis in her bones and skull; healing of fracture in her bones

for religious freedom in Poland, for the church in the USA, help him and his family to serve You in the ministry, bless him, his wife Dorothy and Peter with jobs and give him direction; bless Daniel to do well in school, give Ann a husband if that is Your will

heal his granddaughter of heart issues, bless the doctors who are trying to save her, help his father-in-law to recover from his operation, heal his wife, Lazarrenna, of lung problems

Mary in Texas
For increase in membership

Brother Bushebi in East Africa
please bless his ministry with Bibles for new Christians, provide for the orphans and widows, for healthcare, bikes and better transportation for ministry workers, Bible school construction, ministry finance resources, and please end the drought and famine

healing from pain in his reproductive organ

Jnbaptiste in Dominican Republic
be with his wife and daughter while they are in New Jersey; deliver them from temptation

Patricia in MD
for her only child, Darryl, who is in the music industry; deliver them from gentrification in Prince George’s County; bless them with a new home after their old one was illegally sold at an auction

bless Yesaiah Ministries

Donna in Washington
please give her a safe trip to California, guide her where You want her to go and to the right church; give her strength and wisdom to make the right choices

heal her from the grief of the death of her oldest son, and deliver Dwain from drugs and provide him with a job and a worthwhile life

strengthen her spiritually, emotionally, and physically, give her more faith in You and help her to feel Your Presence and love in her life; deliver her from all spiritual attacks; deliver her from people who are harassing her and using her; bring her family back together

Jnbaptiste in New Jersey
for his wife, Natacha Romain and his daughter to have good relationships with You; please bring them together, help them to resist temptation and pray more

Harjinder in India
please heal him of depression and fobea; bless him and his brother, Manjit, heal Manjit of negative thoughts

give her the husband You want her to have

Ladajah in Alabama
please bless her with a child

Donna in Washington
please guide her and give her your wisdom while she goes through divorce and in other tough decisions; help her to go to church again and have great faith; save her children and husband and help them to stay together if it is Your will, continue to fulfill Your plan for her life

bless her to live a simple life with her three children, lead and guide her, her children and her loved ones and save all her loved ones

Ishwor in Nepal
For his family happiness and Salvation

Francis in India
Please deliver him from the income tax challenge he is in, help him to study The Bible

for all spiritual attack against them to cease, please surround them with Your angels and keep them from harm; for all plans of death and destruction over their lives to be broken; please help them to leave their town and provide them with a permanent breakthrough

Please heal her body completely, help her family to be able to buy a house and pay off their debts; bless them with a Bible-believing church and friends to support them

Please heal and strengthen his son and encourage his father

Please completely heal her husband who has just had major surgery

Macarena in Argentina
to heal her child who has down syndrome and pneumonia

Melwert in Ngerulwobl, Airai, Palau
Please restore his marriage

Sibusiso in South Africa
Help him to grow in You and know You more and more

Please save all the non-Christians in the world

Please provide Kylie with a feeding tube, and home care for food provision, heal her of skin lesions and migraines and make her healthy again and save her soul; love, joy, healing, hope, mercy and grace over Kylie's life; help her family to treat her right

Help him to believe in You more, give him power in prayer, fill him with Your Holy Ghost; please give him the gifts of God's grace

for her family and for her son to do well in his MBBS 2nd year in Ukraine
for Your Holy Ghost anointing for all her family members and for her staff and her brother, sister and widow mother.
please provide for their NGO finance problem
for admission for the children at their school and please save all of the children
for their ministry to increase
please provide for their compassion fund and renewal on January 16

Wulikey in West Africa
Please bless his family and church with Bibles and Christian books

Daphne in Bahamas
Please heal her son Jerred Russell

Help him to get his job back

Help her to succeed in her career, help her children to succeed in academics, strengthen her prayer life and help her husband to accept You into his heart; for peace in her country to prevail among the people and government leaders

Keep his marriage strong and help them to grow in You; please keep their sons healthy and bless their careers; guide them so they won't lose focus on You

Beatrice in Malawi
Heal Bertha Gwede and her son Marcus Gwede of mental problems
Help Takondwa Nindi and Philip Nindi not to be confused or angry
Please help Beatrice not to be angry or experience any more setbacks
Help her husband, Danford to care for the family and not experience any setbacks

Niesha in Staten Island
for her husband to stop cheating and for them to work things out and get back together, help her to accept Your forgiveness

for The Blood of Jesus to cover their lives and their entire property and keep out all unwanted visitors who will bring harm into their lives

Tescingkurajan in India
Please be with his wife and family and work out their government jobs

Help him to become a full-time evangelist for You and spread The Gospel to the unreached people in Jammu

Milton in Uganda
Please provide his ministry, African Child In Need with the support it needs and education and loving care for the children

Kristofer in Jamaica
Please heal him of schizophrenia, all mental issues, depression, suicidal thoughts, and guilt
Make him the real man You want him to be
Make him be successful in school and to make the right decisions

Please help all cyber bullying to stop, help her husband to be a great father and husband, provide them with a good church home

Jim in Zambia
Please bless him with a good job, and help him to go to college

Provide them with ongoing specialist care and resources to continue living their lives for Your glory

Help their government to make the right decisions for the people of Myanmar

Please end the drought in Israel
For the peace of Jerusalem

Be with her

Deliver him from all devilish spirits

Please take away all evil spirits and poverty and heal Bisesango of hypertension

Give Marie Grace, Kylie and Dean victory through You

Please provide her and her two children with a home and to find a good person in their town who can help them
Bless her with a better job with more opportunities in her business

Dr. Joy
Grant her the desires of her heart regarding her professional career that You want her to have and bless her with the assistant professor position at her University

Give her a stronger relationship with You
for a better relationship with her Mom and Dad
for a better job and to have faith for all these things to happen

Pastor James in Kenya
Please bless and prosper his Gospel ministry in Kenya

Heal him permanently of kidney infection
Empower him with the spirit of faith to serve You with his whole heart
Reveal Yourself to him
Bless his family financially and otherwise
Help him to graduate with a 1st class degree from his university

Please heal Marie, Kylie and Dean of all infection

Pastor Bushebi in Kenya
Bibles for the new Christians, needs for orphans, widows and children in foster homes to be met, health Care, ministry finances, bikes and better transportation, for pastors, for a Bible School Class structure

for his father as he is having health issues including recovery from a stroke, minor memory loss; restore his health and give him a long and peaceful life.

For Your provision and for their government to do what is right for the people, public, and nationalities

Help Kylie to eat and be completely and permanently healed
for the right people to help them with medication, supplements and medical tests
that they will no longer be in poverty

Rodrigo in Philippines
for blessings on their church and ministry

Sibusiso in South Africa
For him to do well in his inservice training at a company

For her to grow stronger in You
for her son to stop drinking
for her other son who is in jail to come home
for her daughter to stop her adultery
for her grandchildren

Heal him of kidney infections and pain or any internal organ problems and heal his body, grant him quick recovery, good health and long life

Heal and save her family and resolve all their issues

Vera in Alabama
For her daughter to be healed of mental retardation and speech delay, for a full-time paying job and a debt free home, and credit card debts. Salvation for all her family members, that they will be sold out for You, that You will give her a Godly man to marry

Raul in Texas
For his kidney function to be 100%

Jessica in Tyler
That You will provide her with financial aid she needs to finish nursing school

Hugo in Peru
Bless him, his parents, brothers, sisters, and all his relatives, provide them with good health and enough money

Marie in New York
for the Blood of Jesus to cover her life; for protection and for God's favour to be over her situation; for doors to open for resources, support, and provision to be able to pay daily costs and obtain medical and dental care; for all criminal activities and actions being taken against her to be shut down; for Tim to find a place to live; for problems with their house to be fixed

Frederick in Liberia
For him and his family to pass the traveling interview and to obtain their USA Visa next month

Help her to find a Bible preaching church home, to keep the passion and desire to follow You

Fred in Texas
for You to bless his family, marriage, business and health, victory over the devil's obstacles, financial success and peace regarding his tithing.
for his mother to stay healthy and successful

that You would heal his daughter from her brain disease and strengthen him and his family throughout this situation

heal and restore his marriage, help his wife to find love, forgiveness and reconciliation with him
that he would continue to seek You, mold him into the man You want him to be

Dencil in India
for restoration and healing in his home between his wife, and parents
that satan's plans will be shattered, for God's blessings

Katrina in Mount Pleasant
provide her with a better job with better hours with insurance and benefits so she can find and attend a church home.

Jessica in Sweden
heal her from IBS

Cynthia in New Jersey
that she will gain more faith in God to build better relationships, in school and for her future
to have more patience in God and in herself
to have a humble and meek heart

Gary in NC
that doors would open for a second job with more hours
that he would not be stressed and impatient

deliver him from being angry and aggravated, to make his motives pure and his faith genuine, to answer his cry for help
save him from sibling jealousy and restore his relationship with his brother.

restore her daughter, Jessica's faith and reconciliation
that satan would release his hold on her son-in-law, Justin
protect her two grandsons against the enemy

that their son would present his citizenship application early
to get money to pay an able lawyer who will be interested in their case and represent them efficiently
that their deportation would be cancelled

for Vandana's family's examinations to go well, for their church, for Henry Sunray

for Neichelle and Lanten's chemotherapy to go well, that he would be healed

for her daughter's temperature to go down

Shanquetta in Iowa
for her family to get a decent housing situation and not be homeless
for her husband to keep the faith and remain strong
strength for her three brothers and mother

deliver her from severe pain, pain medication addiction, sorrow

Shwante and Nikeia
for her sister to be healed

for her small business to find success
for her husband's job to be blessed and protected
for their 2 daughters to be successful in their studies and work

Lucette in Texas
for her friend Bikash and his atheist friend to be saved

Linda in TX
for total healing for Anthony
for her brother to be completely delivered from alcohol & grief over the murder of his only son
for her daughter to come back to You

Teresa in GA
for her daughter and oldest son to recover from the death of their brother and to be healed
for Teresa to stay strong

Lillian in Somerset
for Your blessings to be upon her Christian ebook that it would make more sales

Linda and Wade in CT
for her prodigal husband to return to You and come home

Marie in New York
for the Blood of Jesus to cover her life; for protection and for Your favour to be over her situation; for doors to open for resources, support, and provision to be able to pay daily costs and obtain medical and dental care; for all criminal activities and actions being taken against her to be shut down

keep him safe as he is in full time ministry in Pakistan

Virginia in Barbados
for her nephew, Fachad, to be released from prison; for her husband to stay employed; for her to become debt free

Kenesha in WI
bless her as a single mother, provide for her and her children; give her the right kind of job that pays well; lead her to a good church home

John and Scovia in Uganda
money to pay for their house; blessings and provision for their church

Julio in Florida
wisdom and knowledge for his medical education, career and ministry

Marc in Israel
for safety of Christians in Israel and the Church of Tabgha congregation

Henry in India
Bless his church with big gatherings and the money they need

Pastor L. V
for You to bless their Gospel work and service to others

Audrey in FL
for her grandson, Rashad, to find a good job so that he can take care of his wife and baby and for his salvation

Magloire in Africa
for support she needs as well as for their prison chaplain

Tonya in CA
for her neighbor Ricky to stop harassing her, provide her affordable housing

Betty in TX
give her hope after the death of her husband and her son
help her to wait on You and trust in You, provide for her needs

Brenda in KY
for healing of a drug addiction, for her daughter who has six children, (4 which Brenda has custody of), for
protection and guidance

Rachel in ID
for blessing and protection to be upon their church and ministry, as well as her and her husband as they strive to minister

Sylvia in Barbados
give her strength amid her mother's terminal illness

Marc in Tanzania
deliver Christians being persecuted by ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Vijay in Pakistan
pray for ministry blessings

bless his church to buy a plot of land and build a building

Sara in Brazil
give her financial help

Larbi in Ghana
open his eyes so he may see wondrous things from Your Word and hear clearly Your voice
grant him a godly wife, a woman who will understand him, love him to the end, love his ministry and help him carry out Your work
grant him grace and favor to fish out the lost souls for Jesus

Jimmy in Illinois
heal his marriage that is in trouble

heal her grandfather, give her sister strength
bless her with a job and admission to school
help her and her siblings to be successful in life; provide them with jobs
bless Ruusa with a job as a nurse

Lorraine in Chicago
bless her with monies needed to launch the vision to reduce violence and bring Unity in Chicago
open doors and connect her with the right people at a Speakers Workshop  
grant her a double portion of anointing to break yokes and heal others  
to bring them to Christ and activate life as well as wisdom, knowledge and understanding

Anthony in Nigeria
help him to do great things

Renee in MO
heal and bless her family

Richlove in Ghana
financial favor so he will be able to pay his admission fees

Marc in Nigeria
safety of Christians fleeing Boko Haram

bless his compensation fund with $777,000.00

bring restoration and remove discord from her family after her son's interracial marriage

Denice in California
give her strength to withstand spiritual attack and patience to wait on You; give her clarity regarding hearing from You

Daniel in Maryland
help Daniel Cook, as pastor of Life Changing Faith Christian Church, and his leaders not to compromise the Gospel or their families
bless the finances of their church so that there will be money to take care of the budget and to truly help those in need
give Daniel Cook Your wisdom to lead Your people into Your truth

Ruusa in Namibia
help her and her siblings to be successful in life; provide them with jobs
bless Ruusa with a job as a nurse

Christine in Louisiana
heal her father Norman who is suffering from stage 4 kidney failure, congestive heart failure, COPD, prostate cancer, and thyroid problems;  
bring his body total healing

Cheryl in Mississippi
heal her mother of cancer

Tammy in Louisiana
bless her financially

Nalo in Texas
bless her and her children and deliver them from financial struggles
heal her of the constant pains that wrack her body
help her to forgive her husband for abandoning them and to move on with her life
help her to love her children and herself; be spiritually healthy and be devoted to You

Tonya in California
bring healing to her and her daughter and have their desires to be fulfilled
have her enemy who has harassed her for seven years to be removed from the complex

Rubbie in Florida
give her healing in her mind and body, deliver her from depression

Lois in New York
meet her urgent financial need

bless her personally, professionally, and in every relationship
take the heart of stone from her heart and grant her a new heart, renew Your Holy Spirit within her
help her to truly value herself, give her wisdom

Mark in Florida
give him a closer walk with You

Delores in Virginia
have 100% of her Social Security benefits to be released and all finances (including VA) to be released as soon as possible
provide her with her own place to live

David in Romania
deliver Elena Suciu Pop from all problems and be with her 11 children

provide for their charity ministry and church planting ministry

Ann in California  
give her a financial breakthrough

Delores in Oklahoma  
deliver her from alcohol
heal her body and mind, restore her soul
provide her a place to live of her own, bless her finances, and give her direction
have her children, Shaun, Amber, Julian and Zoe' to be saved, and have their relationship to be restored
open doors for her ministry

Jonathan in Malaysia
provide him a permanent job

Jeanne in Ohio  
help her to receive Your forgiveness and not be destroyed by self-condemnation; give her closure

Ronda in Maryland  
give her wisdom, grace and favor on her current job
remove all distractions, plots and plans of the enemy as it relates to her current job and employer
give her a new job that she loves, that aligns with her purpose, that brings financial increase and where she can make a difference
send the right Godly man into her life for marriage

Annie in South Pacific
help her two sons, Solomon and Kila, to find salvation and have Your will to be done in their lives

Zenani in Canada
give her healing from a divorce, financial stability, freedom from debts and wisdom in financial management
provide a safe home for her and her son and a safe day care for her son

NaTash'a in Virginia  
help her to get her life right with You and have a better relationship with You
show her how to get back on the right track

Dottie in Louisiana
for total grace, mercy, peace; for her daughters, grandchildren and their relationship
for her grandson to be healed from his speech impediment
give her complete healing
bless her daughters and grandchildren
give her husband the confidence he needs in dealing with Mark

rid his house of all bed bugs and have them never to return
provide him with a woman companion for a loving relationship

Kailash in South Africa
help him with the finances he needs to complete his MBBS degree/medical education
help him to use his calling to change the lives of others

deliver him and his elderly father from demonic attacks

Candice in Chicago  
provide her with a job and help her to get her life back on track
bring unity back to her family
bless her kids with good health and give them safety

Adeniyi in Nigeria
provide him with divine intervention and help him to get married
give him a house of his own and ministerial breakthrough

Doreen in Malawi
be with her and her family

Lanitra in Kentucky  
help her as a single mom to raise her 3 children; provide financially for their bills and other household needs
take care of her husband who is in jail

Edmund in Poland
bring religious freedom to God through Jesus Christ to Poland
help Edmund; his wife, Dorothy; their daughter, Ann; and their sons, Peter and Daniel, to serve You
give wisdom for learning in school to Daniel
provide work for Edmund and Dorothy
help Peter to find and follow Your direction for his life
bless Ann with a husband

help him to get an education

heal her son who is very ill

Caliph and Edith in Kenya
bless their evangelistic meetings, revivals, leadership training, and discipleship ministry

Alice in China
have her parents to become real Christians

Wesley in Illinois
heal his roommate’s friend, Jennifer, of heart problems
help Jennifer’s boyfriend to be caring

Paul and Rosemary in Illinois
heal her husband of lung cancer; give her strength

Deb in UK
help Sam to avoid having kidney stones
heal Brendon of sores and all pain, particularly in his liver
bless Dan, Cheri, and Sam with permanent jobs, safety, and no bullies

Bernard in Jamaica
bless him and his family with financial prosperity, health, and a profitable business

Pierre in Haiti
help him to become a pastor

Anne in Finland
bring full healing to a young man who has brain cancer

Noviana in Indonesia
help her out with problems in her family and job

Adele in Michigan
bless her with a financial miracle

completely heal their sister

help her to study Your Word well

Pastor Charagh in Pakistan
bless their work in rural areas of Pakistan, including these ministries: children's education, youth, Sunday school, and evangelism outreach

Jimmie in Florida
strengthen him and his family, help them to do right

Freddie in Alaska
help him to deal with his totally rebellious children

heal his mother of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Shamar in Jamaica
comfort her when she is alone and deserted by friends and family
protect her from wicked ones
bind every sickness and evil from her
provide her with a job and help her broken family

Evangelist Naeem in South Carolina
heal his mother of heart problems in Pakistan
provide him with the money to pay a large medical bill
provide for his mission trips

Silvano in Kenya
bless him, his family, his wife, his children, and their nation

Retnaraj in India
help him to grow in You

Rev. Michale  
provide financial support for their ministry, Upper Room Mission

provide a way out of homelessness for him, help him to know that You care

Kouame in Ivory Coast
help him to obtain his degree

Jaya in India
help her husband and children to accept You as their Savior

Sokteang in Cambodia
work in her heart and change her life to Your way; stay with her all the time and give her strength
help her to marry her boyfriend if that is Your will
help her to live with hope, healthiness, and joy
help her to work well even when she is unhappy and to be strong in working

help her to forgive her husband and her family
lead, guide, and direct her future work and finances; help her not to kill herself
help her husband to accept You into his heart

Pastor Panneer in India
send Your Holy Spirit as he preaches and use Your inspired Word to bless people

Rev. Anandbabu in South India
bless the Gospel work of Christian Living Ministries in India: crusades, church planting, orphanages, helping the aged, helping the mentally retarded, the widows, and health care

work things out between his son, David, and his wife, Sandra

give her healing in her body
stabilize her two daughters

Pastor S. in India
help him in bringing the Gospel to unreached places
provide them a building
bless their ministry for children and youth

bless his marriage

Eric in Ghana
heal his younger sister who was attacked by a spiritual power
give him success in his life and strengthen his faith

have Your Will to be done regarding his mom, Henriette Billard

bless his ministry

Are in India
help him to meet all his goals:
conduct crusades, evangelist conferences, and youth seminars; start an English school
arrange shelter, food, clothes, books etc. for those who are in real need
start Bible training center for the dedicated youth and untrained pastors
start counseling centers for people who are in depression, with aids, cancer etc.
church constructions

heal her daughter, Shweta, of any ailments she may have
have an important court case regarding their business to work in their favour

help him to fully overcome alcoholism and depression, enlighten him and give him purpose to live
help his mother, Dana, to recover

Emmanuel in India
help Ashvini Patras, who fell from a 3-story house, to make full recovery

Nancy in Virginia
provide her with a new car
comfort her and help her to recover from the death of her husband

Pastor Kailay in India
bless his ministry Alwal Pastors Prayer Fellowship that has over 150 churches
provide for his orphan and widow ministries

bless him with a soul mate

Leo in Canada
have world peace to be fully realized now and have this peace to last forever after
have the Second Coming of Christ to come quickly

help someone called by You to come and start a local church in Washington County, GA (22,000 plus people)

help him to start a business

Bieni in Nigeria
provide them money to rent a house

P M in India
provide him and his family with good health and spiritual and physical blessings so that they can continue to serve You

Roy in Texas
be with his co-worker, Ashley

Perika in India
bless the ministries of Good Samaritan Baptist: orphan children, aged widows, and like minded pastors

Peneyambeko in Namibia
help her to make the right decision regarding the man who wants to marry her

Sumina in India
provide her and her husband with jobs

Joslyn in Texas
continue to have Your way in her life and the lives of her family members
give her a closer walk with You and a greater outpouring of Your Holy Spirit

Xabangai in South Africa
give him strength to worship and praise

Aigul in Kazakhstan
help her to marry a believer

Tracy in Texas
get her through her heartache and give her peace

Augustus in Kenya
provide Ekeonga Childcare School with these supplies: study Bibles, Bible dictionaries, toys, pens and pencils, Christian living books

Panuel in India
help him to reach 10,000 people with the Gospel by 2020

Keziah in Kenya
help her to move beyond her first husband's death
give her a loving and responsible man to marry again according to Your will
  1. Nick in New York
  2. Pontso in South Africa
  3. Vusi in South Africa
  4. MFaizon
  5. Tina
  6. James
  7. Clems
  8. Samson
  9. Editha in Cambodia
  10. Gomba in Nigeria
  11. Heath in Kentucky
  12. Juan in Peru
  13. Joseph in Ethiopia
  14. Rick in Chicago
  15. Alongbar in India
  16. Christie in Philippines
  17. Love in India
  18. Confidence in Nigeria
  19. Zack in Zambia
  20. Joe in Nigeria
  21. Daisy in Puerto Rico
  22. Rasaq in Nigeria
  23. Victor in Nepal
  24. Dishita in India
  25. Melwert in Palau
  26. Mahesh in India
  27. George in Sudan
  28. Clems in Nigeria
  29. Isaac  
  30. John in Kenya
  31. Franz in the Philippines
  32. Ogomoditse in Botswana
  33. Bobbi
  34. Chinwe in Nigeria
  35. Justice in Nigeria
  36. Clifford in Nigeria
  37. Damelus in Haiti
  38. Allen
  39. Yonas in Sudan
  40. Priyanka in Westbengal
  41. Amanuel in Bishoftu
  42. Ifeanyi in Nigeria
  43. Mary  
  44. Sibia  
  45. Rebecca  
  46. Otara  
  47. Elinjah  
  48. Isaaya  
  49. Ibrahim  
  50. Trusila  
  51. Hynes  
  52. Bitengo  
  53. Ednah  
  54. Peter  
  55. Marga  
  56. Josphine  
  57. Linet  
  58. Joyce  
  59. Name  
  60. Erick  
  61. Thomas  
  62. Keith  
  63. Kerry  
  64. Caro  
  65. Japhet  
  66. Vincet  
  67. Japhan  
  68. Samwel  
  69. Nyabuto  
  70. Isaac  
  71. Joel  
  72. Ntenga  
  73. Ezekiel  
  74. Jairo  
  75. Ebisibah  
  76. Nancy  
  77. Bitutu  
  78. Ezra  
  79. Douglas  
  80. John  
  81. Joel  
  82. Nyabaga  
  83. Marube  
  84. Saul  
  85. Zachary  
  86. Tom  
  87. Robert  
  88. Mobisa  
  89. Junior  
  90. Ogega  
  91. Joshua  
  92. Shirley  
  93. Happy  
  94. Mercy  
  95. Donah  
  96. Rose  
  97. Vivian  
  98. Norah  
  99. Esbon  
  100. Ogera  
  101. Sibah  
  102. Oyaro  
  103. Nyakundi  
  104. Enock  
  105. Isintta  
  106. Matwetwe  
  107. Yohana  
  108. Onyoni  
  109. John in UK
  110. Margret in Uganda
  111. Domnic in India
  112. Estelle in India
  113. Janine in Mauritius
  114. Vitallis in Zimbabwe
  115. Fai in Cameroon
  116. Augustine in Sri Lanka
  117. Lorelie in Philippines
  118. Chrissy in Wisconsin
  119. Editha in Cambodia
  120. Sheikh in Bangladesh
  121. Frank in Florida
  122. Joshua in Liberia
  123. Lucas in Paraguay
  124. A Anjaneyulu in India
  125. Jazmine in Ohio
  126. Motaz  
  127. Dakota in Oklahoma
  128. Daniel in Malawi
  129. Dayan in India
  130. Marlaine in Kentucky
  131. Christy in Philippines
  132. Galegake in Botswana
  133. Jody in England
  134. Ruusa in Windhoek, Namibia
  135. Elvis in South Africa
  136. Tammy in Louisiana
  137. Gjon in Pristin
  138. Boraquit in Philippines
  139. Kobe in New Jersey
  140. Jeanette in Texas  
  141. Sundara in India
  142. Md in Bangladesh
  143. Agnes in Lesotho
  144. Mary in England
  145. Diane  
  146. Arthur in Republic of Panama
  147. Lovish in India
  148. Hary in India
  149. Arup in India
  150. Shamar in Jamaica
  151. Linda in Maryland
  152. Inder in India
  153. Dessoursces in Haiti
  154. Jerry in Ghana
  155. Imran in United Arab Emirates
  156. Beatrice in Tanzania
  157. Tracy in Texas
  158. Vijay in India
  159. Namish in India
  160. Michaw in New Zealand
  161. Candelario in Philippines
  162. Joemaine in Guyana
  163. Jelly  
  164. Evangeline in the Philippines
  165. Peneyambeko in Namibia
  166. Bola  
  167. Godfrey in South Africa
  168. Felix in Thailand
  169. Briana in Kenya
  170. Silvano in Kenya
  171. Retnaraj in India
  172. Williamvawine in the Philippines
  173. Dhivya in Sri Lanka
  174. Hassaanu in Maldives
  175. Kouame in Ivory Coast
  176. Yacoubi in Morocco
  177. Sophia in Uganda
  178. Sokteang in Cambodia
  179. Amina in Botswana
  180. Ralphjudel in the Philippines
  181. Amanuel in Eritrea
  182. Jogie in the Philippines
  183. Alfio in Europe
  184. Robert in Hawaii
  185. Amor in the Philippines
  186. Renabothu in India
  187. Aarthi in India
  188. Edward in Sierra Leone
  189. Kanika in India
  190. Perika in India
  191. Innockson in Rwanda
  192. Sibusiso in South Africa
  193. Sarina in California
  194. Sylvia  
  195. Rosario in the Philippines
  196. Maggy in Kenya
  197. Elli in Ethiopia
  198. Daniel in Ghana
  199. Suryoday in Nepal
  200. Richard in Ghana
  201. Peter in Benue Nigeria
  202. Ssemmanda in Uganda
  203. Carlos in Colombia
  204. Udaya
  205. Mr. Norwood in Georgia
  1. Shae in North Carolina
  2. Flores in LA
  3. Rose in New Jersey
  4. Timilehin in Nigeria
  5. Katrina in Oregon
  6. Derry in Louisiana
  7. Fedinand in Kenya
  8. Cecil in North Carolina
  9. Don Love in Nigeria
  10. Mbuyiselo in South Africa
  11. Otito in Nigeria
  12. Brenda in Indiana
  13. Ezekiel in Cameroon
  14. Otieno in Kenya
  15. Jullie in South Africa
  16. Donatus in Nigeria
  17. Subodh in India
  18. Bobbi in Oklahoma
  19. Daimi in Pakistan
  20. Patience in Kenya
  21. Rodwell in Zimbabwe
  22. Oyewo in Nigeria
  23. Ebere in Nigeria
  24. Susan in Ghana
  25. Musisi in Uganda
  26. Obua in Northern Uganda
  27. Samuel in Kenya
  28. Prosper in Nigeria
  29. Ishwor in Nepal
  30. Francis in India
  31. Harry in India
  32. Sharleen in Kenya
  33. Judith in Botswana
  34. Morine in Lebanon
  35. Orinimim in Nigeria
  36. Victoria in Nigeria
  37. Rose in Ghana
  38. Mary in Trinidad W.I.
  39. Annicha in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  40. Pascal in Ghana
  41. Lineo in Lesotho
  42. Dorcas in Uganda
  43. Alimi in Nigeria
  44. Nomakwezi in South Africa
  45. Shaldon in South Africa
  46. Jennifer in Florida
  47. Chinwe in Banjul
  48. Constend in Malaysia
  49. Margaret in Kenya
  50. Josephine in Solomon Islands
  51. Mabina in Limpopo
  52. Stephen in Ghana
  53. Makaela in Ohio
  54. Wayne in South Dakota
  55. Danette in Antigua
  56. Sylvester in Thailand
  57. Suleiman in Kenya
  58. Tammy in Louisiana
  59. Moffat in Solomon Islands
  60. Joanie in Louisiana
  61. Kizzy in FL
  62. Anne in GA
  63. Yohannes in Colorado
  64. Foday in Sierra Leone
  65. Fredrick in TX
  66. Marena in Philippines
  67. Billy in Florida
  68. Maggie in Ireland
  69. Hipoltus in Kenya
  70. Sharon in Missouri
  71. Yakubu in Nigeria
  72. Samantha in Texas
  73. Munguacel in Uganda
  74. Sai in India
  75. Richard in Colorado
  76. Jacob in Uganda
  77. Lowin in Vanuatu
  78. Anne in Papua New Guinea
  79. Celestino in the Philippines
  80. Bryce in Texas
  81. Keziah in Kenya
  82. Brooke in Michigan
  83. Rita in Ivory Coast
  84. Loraine in Pennsylvania
  85. Sisay in Ethiopia
  86. Rolly in the Philippines
  87. Aigul in Kazakhstan
  88. Xabangai in South Africa
  89. George in Liberia
  90. Fouad in Algérie
  91. Karen in Alabama
  92. Joy in the Netherlands
  93. Helena in California
  94. Megan in Bahamas
  95. Christine in Malaysia
  96. Fredrick in Tanzania
  97. Antony in Kenya
  98. J. Baptiste in Rwanda
  99. Jonah in Kenya
  100. Aletta in Botswana
  101. Rachel in Florida
  102. Jaya in India
  103. Anne in Florida
  104. Dominic in Spain
  105. Amgela in Nigeria
  106. George in Tanzania
  107. Nathan in Pennsylvania
  108. Lola in Nigeria
  109. Joseph in Nigeria
  110. Ronell in New York
  111. Valaine in London
  112. Nancy in Virginia
  113. Harole in Florida
  114. Nina in California
  115. Samuel in Kenya
  116. William in Ghana
  117. Josphat in Kenya
  118. Funmi in Nigeria
  119. Michelle in the Philippines
  120. Latanja in Michigan
  121. Emmie in Saudi Arabia
  122. Mohan in India

Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign


One day when Heaven was filled with His praises
One day when sin was as black as could be
Jesus came forth to be born of a virgin
Dwelt among men, my example is He
Word became flesh and the light shined among us
His glory revealed

Living, He loved me
Dying, He saved me
Buried, He carried my sins far away
Rising, He justified freely forever
One day He's coming
Oh glorious day, oh glorious day

One day they led Him up Calvary's mountain
One day they nailed Him to die on a tree
Suffering anguish, despised and rejected
Bearing our sins, my Redeemer is He
Hands that healed nations, stretched out on a tree
And took the nails for me

Living, He loved me
Dying, He saved me
Buried, He carried my sins far away
Rising, He justified freely forever
One day He's coming
Oh glorious day, oh glorious day

One day the grave could conceal Him no longer
One day the stone rolled away from the door
Then He arose, over death He had conquered
Now is ascended, my Lord evermore
Death could not hold Him, the grave could not keep Him
From rising again

Living, He loved me
Dying, He saved me
Buried, He carried my sins far away
Rising, He justified freely forever
One day He's coming
Oh glorious day, oh glorious day

One day the trumpet will sound for His coming
One day the skies with His glories will shine
Wonderful day, my Beloved One bringing
My Savior Jesus is mine

Living, He loved me
Dying, He saved me
Buried, He carried my sins far away
Rising, He justified freely forever
One day He's coming
Oh glorious day, oh glorious day
Glorious day
Oh glorious day


Jesus is the answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

Jesus is the answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

Jesus is the answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

Jesus is the answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

If you have some questions
In the corners of your mind,
Traces of discouragement,
and peace you cannot find,
Reflections of your past,
Seem to face you everyday,
But there's one thing I do know,
that Jesus is the way.

Jesus is the answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

Jesus is the answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

I know you've got mountains,
That you think you cannot climb,
I know your skies are dark,
You think the sun won't shine,
In case you don't know,
But the Word of God is true,
And everything He's promised,
He will do it for you.

Jesus is the Answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

Jesus is the Answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

Jesus is the Answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

Jesus is the Answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.

(The Truth and the Light)
Jesus is the Way
(The Truth and the Light)
Jesus is the Way
Jesus is the Way
Jesus is the Way
Jesus is the Way
Jesus is the Way


More about Jesus would I know
More of His grace to others show
More of His saving fullness see
More of His love who died for me

More more about Jesus
More more about Jesus
More of His saving fulness see
More of His love who died for me

More about Jesus let me learn
More of His holy will discern
Spirit of God my teacher be
Showing the things of Christ to me

More more about Jesus
More more about Jesus
More of His saving fulness see
More of His love who died for me

More about Jesus in His Word
Holding communion with my Lord
Hearing His Voice in every line
Making each faithful saying mine

More more about Jesus
More more about Jesus
More of His saving fulness see
More of His love who died for me

More about Jesus on His throne
Riches in glory all His own
More of His kingdom's sure increase
More of His coming Prince of Peace

More more about Jesus
More more about Jesus
More of His saving fulness see
More of His love who died for me


SING "I Don't Know Why"

I don't know why Jesus loved me
I don't know why He cared
I don't know why He sacrificed His life
Oh, but I'm glad, so glad He did

Where would I be if Jesus didn't love me?
Where would I be if Jesus didn't care?
Where would I be if He hadn't sacrificed His life
Oh, but I'm glad, so glad He did

He left His mighty throne in glory
To bring to us redemption's story
Then He died but He rose again
Just for you and me
Oh, but I'm glad, so glad He did.

I don't know why Jesus loved me
(Oh I don't know why)
I don't know why He cared
(Oh I don't know why)
I don't know why He sacrificed His life

Oh, but I'm glad (so glad), so glad He did
Oh, but I'm glad (so glad), so glad He did